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BhashaBharat is an Ecommerce company, which aims at marketing and promoting Indian hand loom and handicraft created by their skilled weavers and craftsmen all over India.

We source our products directly from the weaver and craftsmen and make them available for buyers in a cost effective manner. Our main motivation is to dispel the fears of hesitant buyers who still believe that genuine and authentic products could not be bought online, therefore creating a brand which instills trust and confidence among customers and practices highest moral and ethical integrity in business, is our continuous honest and relentless effort.

Bhashabharat is spreading exclusive and rich Indian heritage to the entire world which in turn will facilitate the revival of dying Indian art and craft. Our endeavor is to create a brand, which will popularize our traditional ethnic dressing by giving it a contemporary twist by experimenting with fabric, cuts, dyes and mixing and matching of different weaves and designs which will give a modern feel to it but with traditional elegance. we look forward to be successful with your support.